Rare Deals

Ultra rare assets from the grail-forge wallet which destroyed a Series 1 Card 1The Nakamoto Card” and imbued the first RAREPEPE Nakamoto Ordinal.

This was the 2nd Nakamoto ever destroyed on planet Earth.


One of the most iconic #rarepepes by Dan Darkpill the legend.

With only 29 ever issued, DARKPILLPEPE is one of the most sought-after RAREPEPES in existence.

Series 1, Card 17 in the original RAREPEPES collection circa 2016.


One of the most prolific and prophetic pieces of art in the #rarepepes collection that was ever produced.

Only 20 of this card were issued, and they rarely show up for trade.

This is Series 12 Card 49 in the original RAREPEPES collection.


Ultra low issuance of 5.  This asset is pure ALPHA.

There are a total of 21 cards in the entire RAREPEPE collection of 1774 cards that have less than 10 issuance. Only 5 ZZTOPEPE were minted, and the last sale dates back to 2017.

Series 3 Card 24 in the original RAREPEPES collection.

Offers must be in pepe.co/crypto/pepe


The future is here.  

Bitcoin Digital Artifact of the most Alpha memetic asset on planet Earth pepe.wtf/asset/RAREPEPE.

The Bitcoin Ordinal Inscription technology introduce a pioneering approach by embedding the original image of the [rp asset=RAREPEPE]RAREPEPE Nakamoto Card directly within the digital token. This innovation blurs the lines between the token and the art, encapsulating the essence of the artwork within the digital asset itself.

Learn more: pepe.co/alpha

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Ultra dank rare assets. Undeniable provenance. 

Deals are done in $PEPE 0xbe 



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$PEPE 0xbe is a manifested pepe community token and the most alpha means for transferring these rare assets on planet earth.

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Right now.  These assets are available if they are listed here on this page and in this wallet .

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