Digital Artifacts
Legendary NFTs Co

Rare Company is a place to create and Market Rares to the most rare collectors.

Welcome to our online marketplace for digital artifacts and NFTs that exist on the Bitcoin blockchain. Our platform offers a unique mix of  collections from one-of-a-kind digital items to very rare and exotic limited mints of Counterparty XCP tokens each with distinct character and value.


Aside from NFTs we offer satoshis with inscriptions using Ordinal theory, a protocol for assigning serial numbers to satoshis, the smallest subdivision of a bitcoin. These serial numbers, which are large numbers like 804766073970493, allow us to track every satoshi as it’s spent in transactions. This added layer of security and transparency ensures that your purchases are safe and tamper-proof.


Every digital asset we sell is verified and authenticated by our team of experts, and combined with the security and transparency of Ordinal theory, you can be confident in the unique and one-of-a-kind value of your purchase.


Join the growing community of NFT & digital artifact enthusiasts and start exploring our collection today. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of art or a rare collectible, we have something for everyone. Start your collection now and secure your piece of digital history with the added security and transparency of Ordinal theory.

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